Metal Cati

Metal Cati has introduced the standing seam metal roof coating system; with an approach in place to detect evolving needs in the construction industry which is growing rapidly in Turkey since 2000. It offers complete design requirements to the construction industry as a contractor and supplier specialized in all roofs and facades, especially standing seam metal cladding.

Our company with the team located in the squad and has over 40 years in the sector serving has pioneered the quality and reliable service with corporate portfolio of services in many important projects ancestor in Turkey, has proved to be unbeatable in this regard. Metal Cati has become the sought-after name of international projects by expanding its targets with overseas projects that started in 2007.


Our Certificates

Metal Çatı - Marka Tescili
Metal Çatı - ISO 9001
Metal Çatı - ISO 10002:2018
Metal Çatı - OHSAS 18001:2007