Metal Cati provides the employer with services in projects starting from the elaboration of certain architectural solutions that require careful preliminary design, to the preparation of application drawings. It incorporates design experts equipped with the latest 3D and 2D modeling technologies.

While technical advice and construction details are provided during the budgeting phase, cost engineering studies also help you to produce appropriate solutions.

We follow every step of the application process in order to develop solutions and products that contribute to the improvement of the environmental and social environment and society from design to assembly.



Metal Cati offers insulated (hot roofs) and non-insulated (cold roofs) standing seam system roofing, panel roofing, single layer trapezoidal roofing, suitable for industrial and commercial projects. On top of these systems providing roof or facade water insulation, decorative composite, rainscreen or shingle top coatings are among our services.

The materials can be steel, aluminum, zinc, copper, titanium from any RAL color.

Standing seam roofing which offers aesthetic freedom in no straight roofs; also provides a combination of design, functionality and technical excellence. Existing shapes, including convex, concave, elliptical and hyperbolic curves, allow the creation of fascinating architectures.


Metal Cati can offer various types of cladding. Our cladding services cover the applications of seam, sandwich panels, composite, shingle, cassette system of industrial facades, cold facades, curtain walls and panel facades.


Metal Cati also provides support for the installation of complementary systems such as skylight, snow barrier, walkway, safety line, roof exhaust, dilatations, gutters and rain downspouts, strainers, lightning rod system placements, gutter heater cables etc. needed during the installation of roof and facade cladding.


In metal roofing and facade cladding systems, we offer systems and materials that always keep expanding quality at the forefront. Project-based production means that every job is tailor-made to suit the application.